Cloud and SAP services
  • Cloud & Marketing Solutions

    Solving marketing challenges means looking intro different data sets spread across many places: CRM and ERP systems, customer service logs, advertising campaigns, website analytics and more.

    Using Google stack for cloud, we bring all your data together, analyze it and help you getting answers to business issues such as:

    • Understanding the customer journey

    • Providing personalized experiences

    • Predicting marketing and business outcomes

  • Machine Learning Solutions

    Almost any, in not all, business related data set contain additional (and often unexpected) information, which can provide significant value in making informed business decisions, such as decision about company strategy, human resources, marketing directions, product launches, divesting or tapping into new markets.

    Many companies gather piles of data, but not all are doing enough to unlock their potential.

  • SAP Basis Solutions

    SAP Infrastructure and Architecture - on premise or using SAP on Google Cloud

    Do you need to change your SAP infrastructure because you have outgrown your existing platform?

    Thinking of changing your hardware, OS or database platform?

    Our consultants can advise & support within the full range of SAP infrastructure.